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Aurora Fruit

Aurora Fruit is a specialized food App that allows you to search, find and acquire healthy food. And from this allow the possibility of continuing with your lifestyle.

Aurora Fruit provides safety and confidence based on the relevance of the recommendations: fresh, hygienic and have high nutritional values.Ease of use, variety of healthy options based on tastes, preferences, price comparison and time savings in searches. Aurora Fruit is a digital platform under the model of dropshiping we are the intermediaries between people who are interested in acquiring healthy food and those who make this type of food.


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Installation Guidelines

There are three ways to test BookShoot:

  • Download the .apk file using this link: Download .apk

  • This repository contains an executable .apk file in the apk folder. In order to install and run this file you need to have an Android Device.Just open the folder and click the apk on an android device

  • Use the flutter run command to run your Flutter app on a connected device or simulator.

To run your app from the command-line:

Open a terminal and change directories to the root of your app (the same directory that contains the pubspec.yaml file for your project).

$ cd myapp $ flutter run

If more than one device is connected, use the flutter devices command to get their IDs, and then flutter run -d deviceID to run your app.


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Aurora Fruits is a product designed and developed by Aurora Soft Team.

Executable Repository Team Description Licence Authors
.apk Aurora Fruit Aurora Soft Specialized food App
That allows you to search, find and acquire healthy food.
MIT *Danna Calle
*Silvana Gutierrez
*Alvaro Martinez
*Marco Leonardini


MIT License. Please Refer LICENCE file for more info. Copyright (c) 2019 Aurora Soft;