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Intelligent educational application

The aim of the idea (intelligent application)

Enrichment the Arabic educational content, and upgrading the educational field by reaching the students through a sophisticated and attractive android application which is educational in the first place. The application contains two main sections: The first section is the intelligence section: it is an IQ test with specific time and a specific number of questions, all students will enroll in the challenge in this section and do their best and use brainstorming to compete for the top positions. The second section is the educational material section: contain four educational materials and every main section contains many sub-sections, and when choosing one of the sub-sections, the student enters the stage of solving tests.

Merits of the application:

-intelligence application is based on the idea of discovering and devising intelligence and developing thinking, which targets the students from the age of seven to the age of twelve years, the application contains more than 25,000 questions and exercises in more than 300 educational skills from the first to the sixth primary grade. -the idea is based on developing the scientific and practical skills of children and making them able to think in a creative way using brainstorming In thinking through the usage of calculations and also IQ tests. -the target is the whole Arab world, and the subjects are commensurate with the subjects given in the schools from the first to the sixth grade. -the application also contains the possibility to see the general statistics of the student such as progress level in the educational materials, the general rate, and the rank. these statistics are daily, weekly, and monthly. And in someplace in the application will exist student information and his IQ, there is also the ability to edit the personal information, profile picture, and an accurate percentage about the number of solved questions through the day, week, or the month. -the general rate of the student will be calculated by the number of the questions answered correctly and by the time spent to answer these questions in all sections, there will be a creative algorithm to calculate the IQ accurately. -the app will motivate the students by providing them with continuous notifications and phrases that encourage the spirit of competition and continue to solve more problems and calculations. -The application will contain educational stages commensurate with the grade and according to the level of progress and success rate, as each stage contains different questions from other stages in terms of the level of difficulty and the proportion of intelligence, where these stages will not be available to all, but there will be a smart algorithm we Through the opening and closing of these stages for each person based on his grade and the rate of progress, and also based on the percentage of success and the number of correct answers and the time factor will also play an important role in this algorithm.


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