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Android Learning Children App

Note : The application targets the Arab world, so the application will be in Arabic . The App is based on the idea of discovering and devising intelligence and developing thinking, which targets the students from the age of seven to the age of twelve years, the application contains more than 25,000 questions and exercises in more than 300 educational skills from the first to the sixth primary grade. -the idea is based on developing the scientific and practical skills of children and making them able to think in a creative way using brainstorming In thinking through the usage of calculations and also IQ tests. I have put more than 25000 questions, but with the help of several professors specializing in educational curricula, where the process of collecting questions and composition is the most difficult stage in the development phase of the application, so I was careful in the selection of questions.

• I used Android Studio to write code in Java, because the Android Studio is the official integrated development environment for all Android applications.I have created and configured the api and control panel using Laravel Framework . • version Control was relied on to write code using Git And GitHup. • I Used Google Api And Facebook Api to register user and login and get data from them.

• I used the Picasso library to view and download images from the Internet, as the library works on the process of cache, and download the image offline, which is safe in case of changing the state of the screen orientations so it will not re download the image when the screen is changed .

• In addition, I have used firebase and crashlistic, to find out what bugs and errors can occur with users.Where are the errors are sent to us via firebase and we read and process it automatically, and I have also used firebase analysis to analyze and know the details and performance of users and their whereabouts.

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